Industrial Design

No attention given to aesthetic appeal, user-friendliness, no successful product. PD design will help your product appeal to its market.

PD design unite function with aesthetics, brand with purpose. Making use of PD Design make your product sing.

Key industrial design work that we do:
• Product Research and Patent history
• Ideation and concept generation
• Ergonomic analysis
• DFM, DFA analysis
• 3D Modeling
• Rendering and refinement

Mechanical Design

Engineering Design is one of core business for PD design. Our mechanical engineers have 16+ years of experience developing products across industries ranging from consumer to medical to automotive. We have rich knowledge of material and manufacturing processe.

PD Design engineers have rich work experience in product manufacturing environment and therefore our design would cater for ease of tooling fabrication, ease of manufacturing and ease of product assembly.

PD design engineers have rich knowledge of material properties and surface treatment, able to choose most proper material and finish for product.

In addition to product reliability and ease of use, we are also sensitive to product cost and cosmetics.

Our mechanical engineers can help you with the following work:
• 3D CAD assembly models built for manufacturing.
• 2D data built for inspection.
• DFM, DFA analysis.
• DOE.

Electronic Design

PD Product Design's electronics engineers have extensive expertise in all types of electronic product design and electronic circuit design. This includes logic boards, wireless products, inductive charging circuits and interface boards. Our product design engineers will take your idea and requirements of electronic circuit design and layout, then build and test your electronic product. When your new product reaches the market, it will have been fully tested and ready to sell.

PD's Electronic Design Services include:
•Electronic Circuit Design
•Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Layout
•CAD Layout
•Software and Firmware Testing