UAV agriculture spraying

Easy to use and high operating efficiency.

Wide spraying span and atomizing uniformly.Defined waypoints and one key returning.Easy to transport with foldable structure.

• Cutting edge and completely automated system.
• Mission planning autopilot and flight controller and GPS.
• Use multiple drones simultaneously to cover large areas.
• Propeller:762MM
• Aircraft pesticide load:18L
• Net Weight:16.5KG
• Battery:5500mah*4
• Nozzle length:3.04M
• Spraying speed:0-8 M/S
• Endurance time:≥12 Minutes
• Spraying time:9-11 Minutes
• Spraying flow:1.5-4.1 L/Min
• Spraying area:≥9.0M
• Efficiency: ≥150acre/h