Robot Waiter

Desgin for restaurants, cafe shops, bars, Kalakos and shopping mall to reduce the high cost of hiring staff,receive high popularity .

Combine with computer vision and semantic map,it can walke and cruise autonomously.
With exclusive Face Recognition Technology it can analysis human sit position, estimate people’s age, detect people's smile state. Accuracy rating 85%+, response time 200ms.

• Product size: 145cm
• Net weight: 40kg
• Max. Tray load(kg): 10kg(customize)
• Control mode: Remote control or panel control
• Min. turning radius: min500mm±10mm
• Movement mode:Forward, backward, left &right turn,bifurcation, rotation
• Position accuracy:±10mm
• Navigate mode:Magnetic tracking
• Battery type:Rechargeable battery
• Battery lifespan: continuous discharge times> 500 times
• Using time for one time charging:8 hours 
• Charging time and method:4hours