Red wine cabinet

Constant temperature, constant humidity, good ventilation, light blocking.

Air circulation system with activated carbon filtration,filter out the harmful gas produced by wine- sulfur dioxide.
Material of door: 3-layer insulating Glass, anti-UV,insuring humidity and eliminating the light affecting wine .
Material of case: brushed ss 304.

• Capacity : 360Litres (Hold 111bottles).
• Voltage : AC 110V;60Hz / AC 220V;50Hz.
• Input Power : 70W.
• Current: 0.55A.
• Temperature Range : 5-10'C ; 10-18'C.
• Cooling System : compressor cooling.
• Internal Light : LED light.
• Protection type: I'.
• Climate type: ST:T.
• Insulation blowing gas: C-PENTANT.
• Adjustable feet: Yes.
• Reversible door: yes, left or right hand opened.
• Type of door: handle Recessed.
• Internal Material: ABS.