Designed to perform in demanding environments such as under valve covers on diesel engines to mate to fuel injectors.

Rugged, compact, thermoplastic construction makes it ideal for use in harsh environments where high vibration and caustic fluids are present.

• The interfacial seal is of a fluroelastomer material to withstand exposure to many chemicals.
• Plug body with secondary latch,Withstanding vibrations up to 32 Grms.
• Fluoroelastomer main joint seal and silicone rubber wire seals to support IP67 rating.
• Dielectric withstanding voltage is 1600 Vac RMS.
• 13 Amp current rating.
• Insulation resistance can meet 100 M Ohms.
• Matting force less then 70N.
• Contact retention between 60~80N.
• Operating temperature can meet -40°C to +125°C, 100 cycles, 1 hour per cycle.
• Durability is 20 mating cycles.