Charger for Electric Vehicle

Adhere to the principles of ergonomics and easy-to-Use.

Supply DC power to electric car, provide fast and reliable power.

• Direct charging device to vehicle’s battery received AC input from system power to DC output.
• All Type of Battery Chargeable.
• Charged at the charging mode for battery in response to information of charging scenario through a communication with BMS, which is mounted on a vehicle.
• 2 mode standard charger : Combo type 2 and CHAdeMO.
• Recharging type High-speed DC.
• Input:380VAC, 60Hz.
• Output:DC 50~450V, 100A, 50kW.
• Using conditions:Temperature : -25°C~55°C
• Humidity : 20%~93% .
• Durability is 20 mating cycles.
• Operating screen : 7″ LCD touch screen .
• User authentication: RF card.
• Recharging time: Around 1 hour (EV battery: based on 24kWh).
• Protection class: IP54.