Is the industry experience the key of your choice?

By John Wu - 24 March 2018

  Some customers always ask the same question when they consult PD product design:Have you ever designed a XXX? Also we have found that many product design companies accept design appointments because they have just done a simimar product that the customer want. But this is a misunderstanding of many companies when they choose to design a company.

1. All of products needs appearance,structure and human-machine interaction design.
  Most of employees of industrial design companies are appearance designers or structure designers, and their education background are related to aesthetics, ergonomics, interactive design, structure, engineering, materials, etc., and has nothing to do with any other industry.But whether it's consumer electronics, medical equipment or instrumentation industry, the birth of products cannot be separated from plastic, metal or other materials. The appearance and user friendliness of these products are directly related to designer's educational contents. They are good at designing the appearance, structure, and human-machine interaction that matches the industry needs by quickly understanding the functions of the product, combining aesthetics and engineering knowledge.
2. Industry experience some times leads to mixed up prodcut concept.
  Even in many cases, having experienced industry experience is not good for industrial design companies. Because people who have been engaged in a certain industry for a long time often fall into a common psychological trap: Blind self confidence in understanding the target customers.
  Their concept of product is comming from the companies that they have served. But each company's concept of the product or industry is different, there are many limitations in itself. Thus will leads the designer to bring the concept of other companies to their current customer. This is a terrible inertial design thinking.
3.Communication helps designers to acquire the required knowledge for innovation.
  It does not mean that product design companies do not need to understand the industry and product knowledge. On the contrary, it is absolutely necessary to understand the characteristics of related industries and products. For some products, professional knowledge is a great help to design, for example, R&D. With a defibrillator, it would be best if you are an expert who knew how to care for the heart. However, this is only a case and it is not a principle. One of the most important tasks in the design process is communication. Through the communication designers acquire the required knowledge and filter out information that seems useful but is worthless for innovation. A excellent designers should be good at communication,he can capture the most need to know by communicating several times before designing.
4. Easier to have an open mind to re-examine the product concept.
  The most valuable part for an industrial design company is not just having the experience of an industry, but the ability to tap into the potential value of a product, the process of creating a good design, the execution of a team, and the way to communicate with you. The so-called specialized, say is this truth.Designers' focus is on technical capabilities, but in today's era of "user experience", do users care about technology? They only care about what your product solves, not how to solve it. The core value of a product design company is to resolve the relationship between products and people, products and competition, products and brands. Instead of specializing in a certain industry, it is easier to have an open mind to re-examine the product and truly stand in an amateur's perspective.

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Source:PD Product Design