By John Wu - 09 March 2018

  Need a new product designed? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Designing a product can be costly and time consuming, but it can be done on time and within a budget if you choose to have it outsourced. Not only does outsourcing save you time and money finding and hiring a new employee, but it also means that you can continue meeting your deadlines and focus on the tasks at hand, eventually bringing in the money to make more and better products. If your in-house team is already at capacity developing multiple products and need the extra help, then the best option is still to outsource your product design.

With that said, here are six reasons why outsourcing product design will benefit you and your company.

1. Efficiently expand your capacity
  By outsourcing your product design to an external company, you can gain access to more than one designer, add people to your team who have lots of experience, and when the project’s over, you can ‘let the company go’ until you need them again. When you outsource work, you can expand on demand. Experienced designers will be ready when you’ve got work for them, and will still be available when you don’t.
2. Hire multiple designers for less
  Following on from the previous point, some projects may need multiple designers, and this is where outsourcing can be useful. For example, an electronic product often requires an electronics design engineer and an industrial designer to create the case or enclosure. If the electronics part is very complex, however, then you may need multiple electronic design engineers, who can be hired cheaper when outsourced. You should also consider outsourcing one electronics designer as the lead engineer, however, who can then outsource some areas to other designers as needed.
3. Leverage other people’s expertise and resources
  An outsourced product design company like PD product design can help you make quick progress in your business, and in turn make good profit. This is because you’re able to gain access to a larger pool of expertise, and it saves you from recruiting and managing a team of designers. You also only have to pay for the services received. Leveraging the resources of an outsourced company also means less expenditure on infrastructure, equipment, and personnel that you may not be able to afford in the first place.
4. Increase revenue without downtime
  Designing a product involves consideration of how it will look, work, and how users will interact with it. Of course, this takes a lot of time and work that can be effectively outsourced. Doing so can make for a well designed and well targeted product that can be brought onto the marketplace as fast as possible. Outsourcing your product design is also a great way to get your next product out to market faster, because you’ll have people working on it when you’re not working yourself, or can’t.
5. Leverage experience and networks
  An outsourced product design company will also most likely have a strong portfolio and have designed hundreds, or even thousands, of products. They’re therefore likely to have made many connections in the product development industry. This means that you’ll not only be putting your ideas in very good hands, but you’ll also have access to their entire network of experienced and trained product designers and developers who can both help guide you in the right direction and improve your chances of success.
6. Get a fresh pair of eyes
  If you’re struggling with an aspect of your product design, you can find the solution immediately when hiring outside your own company. This is because people from outside bring a fresh perspective to the product design. They could take an entirely new approach you’d not considered, or look at the design in a different way according to their background and expertise.

Tips for outsourcing product design

Now that you know the benefits of outsourcing product design, here are a few tips on outsourcing and building well designed products:
  • Do a sketch of the product to hand to the designer instead of just a word document, as this will give them a better idea of the kind of product you have in mind.
  • Write very detailed specs of how you want the product to be designed, such as expectations and potential issues, in order to make sure you get the product you wanted.
  • Cut the project into parts and test your relationship with the designer and the quality of the design before you give them the whole project.

  • Outsourcing your product design is the best step to take, allowing you access to great designers who you only need to pay when you need them. If you need a product designed, contact us today and see how we can help ensure your design process is smooth sailing.

    Source:PD Product Design