PD won awards in the "governor Cup" industrial design competition.

By John Wu - 23 November 2016

The governor cup industrial design contest is China's first industrial design contest title of the heads of government on behalf of the government of Guangdong Province, is the highest level of design award, Guangdong manufacturing upgrading and industrial restructuring an important evaluation incentive system. In July 2016, the eighth governor cup officially launched, with "Guangdong, driving the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing services" as the theme, to construct innovation platform for industrial design, industrial design and development platform for the promotion of industrial integration platform has an important influence, and strive to create "Guangdong famous brand image design".

In November 7th, General Public reply was held in Shunde. According to statistics, this competition received 20470 entries. Total Assessment received from 12 Sub divisions, as well as Furniture, clothing, equipment and 3 Special competitions and Industrial Design Competition Works recommended 1270, regardless of quantity or quality are the most previous.