Supplier preliminary evaluation: SQS - Cases for HP capacitor

By John Wu - July 21,2015

In order to find a qualified supplier for Cases of HP capacitor, PD members visit SQS welding factory. SQS is producing laboratory equipments, metal cabinets for electrical control, comunications, and Railway market in China.
Supplier evaluated: SQA
Date of the visit: 21.07.2015
Participants: From PD - John Wu, Sean Lv, Andrew Zhang
From SQS- Tang Qisheng (General Manager) Gaofeng (IWE)

Characteristics of the company:
• Activity: Metal sheet, Cutting, Bending and Welding of carbon, SS and Al with MAG, MIG, TIG and other welding processes.
• Location: Wuxi (100km away fron Shanghai)
• Workers / Technicians: 800 workers/ 2 IWEs.
• Production Area: Around 10000 m2
• Turn over: 25M€
• Main customers: ABB, Suntek, Atlas Copco.
• Quality certification: ISO 9001, EN 15085-CL2: Welding in Railway applications
• Available Machines: 3 Laser + 3 Punching + 12 bending, + 2 butt automatic and corner welding, + 1 corner welding
• Production Capacity of cases: To be cheked with the first samples.The supplier has no problem to invest for an increase of the capacity

Production. Facilities and Machines:
Following points of the process have been visited:
• Material Storage: Automatic distribution for punching machines

• Punching machine

• Laser cutting machine

• Bending: CNC machine

• Automatic welding
There are 2 machines. 1 linear machine and 1 robot (6 axis). SQS has planned to buy and additional Robot.

• Manual Welding

Example of manual welding in Al